Xian International Hotel Supplies Exhibition Opens Today

- May 11, 2017-

The 18th session of Xi ' an international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition, which is organized by Shaanxi Tourism Association, Shaanxi Tourist Hotel Association, Shaanxi Provincial Hotel Association and so on, is opening the curtain at Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center today.

The exhibition in session for May 11-13th, the exhibition scale of nearly 50000 square meters, booth Tatsu more than 2,500, from all over the country's hundreds of industry brands active exhibitors. At the same time, Xi ' an justice kitchenware hotel supplies wholesale market, Xi ' an international hotel supplies city to the venue, fully pulled up the exhibition and professional market interaction, and from the Chinese Federation Kitchenware Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places more than 30 hotel Supplies Industry association group visits Exchange, is expected to visit the buyer will reach 100,000 people!

International and domestic brands bring fashion concept

Compared with previous years, this year's exhibition in the scale and level of performance. First, the scale expanded from 40,000 square meters in previous years to 50,000 square meters. Among them, the B1 museum for the traditional hotel supplies hall, B2, B3, C Hall for the kitchen Catering hall, B4 Hall for baking, coffee, ice cream and wine Museum, exhibitors also from 785 to 935. and brought together from the United States, Germany, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan and other countries and the domestic more than 20 provinces and cities in the products.

The exhibition, furniture brand Fan, Yang Qi will bring the latest room life experience, Haier will be its hotel intelligent film and television system brought to the scene, Jalam, Wang Big, day mining, etc. also outdone, will be the hotel cloth grass new concept show incisively and vividly. In addition, Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces and cities brand Enterprises to participate in the group, Daming, HSBC, Rong Chong, Qin Xin, Huamei, Haier, create green, door fully display the new concept of environmental protection and energy saving Intelligent Hotel Catering, Illy, LAVAZZA, FABBRI, Welhome, Probat, Ladetina, YAMI, T&z, lehehe, small red caps, new Tiancheng, Tai Zheng, Nestle, Yida, incense, etc. in the scene to bring a stylish coffee drink tour.

Coffee and wine

And Italian handmade ice cream.

At the same time, there are a variety of activities during the exhibition, fashion, fun, and full of life interest. For example, "Jalam Cup" hotel room service skills competition, the Silk Road International Food Tourism Festival, wine skills competition, Italian handmade ice cream production and performance show, as well as coffee pull, boiling, baking and other challenges. The mellow of the coffee, the high value of the blended wine and the refreshing of the ice cream, just think, is already full of longing.

These competitions are not only interesting, but also high gold content. Participants in the competition are from the Midwest hotels and catering professionals, won a few awards. For them, not only is the professional skills competition, but also to the West Hotel industry service skills to promote the overall promotion of the role.

Authoritative Platform

Promote the hotel industry across the development

In recent years, the economic strategy concept of "all along the way" has been further advanced, and the tourism development in Shaanxi and even the West has greatly promoted the hotel industry, entertainment and catering industry, and the tourism and food industries to take off a new round. Shaanxi has entered the national tourism and personal tourism, self-help tourism, the new phase, statistics show that the first quarter of this year's tourism development better than expected, consumer demand, hotel equipment and supplies accounted for the total operating costs of 30%-40%. For this exhibition, Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau also gave great support.

Representative of Shaanxi Province Cleaning and Cleaning Association, the president of Xi ' an Xunjie cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. Reinge said: "Participated in the exhibition has been 10 years, the exhibition to help enterprises to build a very good platform, can quickly clear both sides purchase intention." Willing to work with more business friends to promote the Shaanxi Hotel supplies industry development, the industry bigger and stronger. ”