The Seventh Session Of Beijing International Hotel Supplies Expo Will Be Held Soon

- Aug 09, 2017-

What is the suitability of the cotton sheets for the hotel supplies? Of course, 100% is good cotton, I entered the hotel will look at, the heart hope is also 100% cotton. Higher-grade hotels will use high yarn-count bedding. The family will also choose cotton bedding.

Hotel Supplies Sheets Quilt cover cotton degree how much suitable

The cleaning and disinfection methods of bed linen are as follows:

1, hotel washing equipment in the washing process of excessive use of bleach bleaching disinfection effect of the problem is very bad, remember must be appropriate dosage to ensure quality. It is recommended that each 45Kg of clothing plus 0.95Kg's concentration of 1% of bleach can prolong the fabric life and improve the washing quality. and must be washed and cleaned after washing. This will not only increase the service life of bed linen quilt, but also can make the hotel washing work more reasonable.

2, the hotel washing equipment in the washing sheet time to see the extent of the bed linen and fabric, and so on, these if not good will affect the effect of washing. In general, the blended sheet with the hotel washing equipment washed up to 150 times should replace the new sheets. The life of pure cotton is shorter. Hotel washing equipment Washing good sheets, you can deliberately two backwards to use, so wear will be more evenly, to some extent to increase the acceptability of the sheets. At the same time can also save a certain degree of cost.