The Largest Hotel Supplies Exhibition In Central China Closes

- Jul 29, 2017-

Chu Tian Metropolis News (reporter Zhu Ze Wei correspondent Wanfang) the day before yesterday, Hubei province, the Third Hotel supplies exposition in Hankou North Hotel supplies City closed, this is the largest hotel supplies exhibition activities in Central.

Chu Tian Metropolis newspaper reporter saw at the exposition, big to star hotel imported dishwasher, automated food processing machinery, refrigeration equipment, disinfection cabinets, hand-made ice-cream production equipment, small to the popular consumer-like Japanese-Korean, Chinese, European tableware and baking DIY, such as a variety of home appliances, more than 100,000 kinds of hotel kitchen supplies debut, and gave the lowest price of the year, attracting buyers and the public to "Amoy goods."

The reporter in a coffee equipment business department learned that nearly two years coffee, baking equipment sales go up. Whether the start-up or home, equipment acquisition costs are lower, a full range of mid-range equipment about 50,000 yuan. On the other hand, the demand for peripheral and prefecture-level cities in universities is booming, and many young entrepreneurs are purchasing.

On the spot, also held the first Chef Entrepreneurship forum in Hubei Province, the small blue whale chairman Guoliang, Chinese pastry master, Wuhan Four Seasons U.S. chairman Xu Jiaying and other sites to share entrepreneurial stories, teach restaurant management cheats.

"The catering industry in Wuhan must be transformed into the 2.0 era." "Guoliang shared his entrepreneurial experience, saying that catering 1.0 times, businesses are through a good dish to accumulate customers, expand stores to achieve profit revenue." Enter 2.0 times, the merchant must pay attention to the brand and the capital operation, and through the industrial chain, can be in the fast-paced and brutal competition in the industry base. It is understood that Guoliang will join hands with the industry, investment innovative, sustainable catering business, to help its development and growth.