Hotel Supplies Popular Energy-saving

- Jul 29, 2017-

Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Sun Chunchun correspondent Xu Xuachi), July 27 afternoon, 2017 Baoan Industry development Exposition Yan au Hotel cultural Industry Park in the venue in the Wild Goose League Park opened. The venue revolves around the theme of "Wisdom sinks and quality-taking", bringing together the highest intelligence technology of the National Hotel supplies industry and exhibiting exhibition of hotel equipment supplies.

According to the introduction, this treasure Bo will take full advantage of the company's more than 30 years of accumulation of hotel supplies sales experience, and the establishment of the industry chain, bringing together the national and global energy-saving emission reduction as a highlight of the energy-saving hotel equipment supplies, new building more than 2000 square meters of energy-saving creative Kitchen Exhibitors and spectators experience and feel the $number energy saving effect of High-tech equipment products, the energy-saving effect of its praise.

Intelligent and information-oriented science and Technology hotel supplies exhibition highlights the use of modern Internet drainage-occupancy-intelligent customer control-the cultivation of user loyalty as one of the software + hardware + Internet hotel Intelligent Service solutions.

In addition to the scene of "intelligent science and Technology hotel supplies exhibition", "energy-saving innovation Big Kitchen" and other professional hotel supplies exhibition display, also has the high style hotel flavor barbecue, the vegetarian, manifests the Shenzhen, the Baoan and the beautiful scene "Shenzhen most Beautiful Sky" photographic exhibition, can express the children eye Beautiful Bao ' an 50 meters huge painting creation and the parent-child interaction activity, as well as the Shenzhen native band's splendid theatrical performance and so on.