Hotel Supplies No Longer Simply One-off

- May 23, 2017-

Recently, the reporter at the Beijing International Hotel Investment and Management exhibition, learned that toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other hotels, such as the common disposable items, designed to be beautiful, high-quality and high-end portable small bottle replacement, accommodation and theme hotel because of its own unique positioning, daily necessities and cloth grass into high-end customization.

This newspaper internship reporter Hai Yin

The one-time commodity provided by the hotel brings convenience to the consumers, and it also creates a waste. toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo and other common disposable items, not used to be discarded, not only caused the waste of resources, improper recycling will cause environmental pollution and other problems. Therefore, reduce the replacement frequency of disposable supplies, advocating consumers to take the unused disposable supplies home, has become the hotel industry and consumer consensus.

The reporter saw at the exhibition, whether domestic brand or joint venture brand, have exhibited a small package of daily necessities, toothpaste, shampoo, bath, skin care products, such as capacity between 30ml-50ml, and the traditional disposable supplies, in the capacity to increase a lot, enough consumers to use one weeks, hotel supplies function also done a lot of refinement. Take soap, there are fine research soap, beach soap, oily soap, essential oil soap, handmade soap and so on. Jiangsu Opelika Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Staff to reporters, now hotel disposable supplies a paradox, on the one hand, we all call for the production of environmentally friendly hotel supplies, on the other hand in the use of wasteful behavior sometimes, waste is a kind of environmental protection behavior. For example, a 30ml hose, only 5ml, the remaining 25ml need to be degraded, will consume a lot of human and material resources, while the environment will cause direct damage. Therefore, the hotel supplies to make the best use. We consider this aspect of the factors, product design is both luxurious and practical, like art, so that consumers are not willing to waste. We have successfully developed the energy Crystal, twilight, seamore, grassland, lavender and other high-end independent brands to meet consumer demand for differentiation.

A Mr. Li, who has been in hotel supplies for many years, said, "Take the slippers of the hotel, the first one is to provide disposable non-woven slippers, some hotels in the back for the use of recycled plastic slippers and other materials slippers, but consumers are generally not health, fear of infection beriberi, etc., or hope that the hotel offers disposable slippers, it seems that one-time slippers or everyone's favorite. Non-woven slippers feet feel very poor, now products more consideration to comfort, use of fluff, towel cloth, dense velvet, there are more expensive waffle, coral velvet, cut velvet and other materials to make slippers, whether it is quality or comfort is much better than non-woven fabric. Theme Hotel supplies need to be customized

Reporter learned that as the largest hotel market share of the fast chain hotel, still use toothbrush, toothpaste, paper cups, slippers, soap and other traditional disposable supplies mainly, some hotels in the shower milk and shampoo made a certain improvement, such as filling the toilet fixed large bottles, used up only to add can.

The theme hotel is not unfamiliar, these years in the big city rapid development, the reporter learned in the exhibition, Swan Lovers theme hotel with 5 years development to more than 30 stores, staff said our hotel is mainly open in the capital city and economically developed cities, because it is a couple hotel, so different from the ordinary hotel, so from decoration to decoration, from bedding to daily necessities, are highlighted love exclusive, romantic space and personal customization.

Fanny Concept Hotel Wang general manager said our hotel has 65 rooms, 65 themes, each room curtains and bedding are different, need to find professional design customization. The daily necessities of the room are broken down by function, the toiletries between the couple are divided into men and women, and the daily necessities are divided into adults and children, and the daily necessities of business are divided into fragrance. Each room has coffee, tea and fruit juice, and according to the theme of the room, the provision of glass cups, ceramic cups and tea sets, etc., is no longer a disposable paper cups. The consumption of hotel supplies accounted for a low proportion of the total operating cost, but it directly affected the reputation of the hotel. For example, in the choice of disposable toothbrush, the hotel should choose the quality of a better toothbrush, if the quality of the toothbrush is poor, will damage the mouth, we do is concept hotel, the consumer experience is our most need to pay attention to.

As a new lodging industry, the accommodation and cultural consumption characteristics of the hotel are different from that of the traditional standard hotels, which is favored by our country's tourism market and the investors ' hot bouquet. Tang Township (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. Staff said that the accommodation of furniture and daily necessities are higher, this high is not the price, but the furniture requirements of solid wood environmental protection, and the local traditional residential integration is just right. No pollution requirements, easy recovery is the basic requirements of daily necessities, many disposable daily necessities are no longer used. Sheets, quilt cover, curtains and so on both from the material, or design style, are required to be healthy and environmentally friendly and in line with the local vernacular style. Health and safety is the key.

In general, people go to the hotel using disposable items, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, shower caps, etc., these disposable items are relatively safe for consumers. But towels, sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and other textiles are directly exposed to human skin, its quality and health and human health is closely related, therefore, the consumer's concern.

Have the media exposure to a number of fast hotels will linen (bedding, towels, etc.) washing business outsourcing to third parties, the third party for higher interests, the use of hydroxide washing, resulting in textile ph value seriously exceeded, giving the body damage.

Mr. Li told reporters, for the hotel bedding, personally think that as long as the change is clean, they often travel business accommodation, in addition to a change of clothes and necessities, basically do not take too much daily necessities, but afraid of the hotel towels are not clean, every business trip will bring a towel, and recommend bamboo fiber towel to reporters, it is more environmentally friendly than ordinary towels, but also has a good antibacterial effect.

Reporter in the blue Sky Thai run before the booth learned that the blue Sky Thai Run (Beijing) washing Service Co., Ltd. to introduce Germany's automated washing production line, the use of Internet technology, in every a pieces of textiles embedded in RFID chip, textile, washing, warehousing, transportation and other links to the status of real-time monitoring, with leasing + washing service mode for the hotel industry to provide a one-stop service of public textiles, the hotel industry to solve the problem of cloth grass washing.

It is reported that December 20, 2016, "commercial linen washing qualification Requirements" group standards by the Guangdong Provincial Standardization Association officially issued the implementation, this is the first in the domestic "cloth grass washing" standard documents.