Food And Beverage And Hotel Supplies Double Exhibition Held In Sui September

- Mar 22, 2017-

Information Times News (reporter Liu Fang) March 16, China Hotel Supplies Association and Guangdong Province Import Food Association launched the import food industry and hotel supplies industry spring tea exchange and HOSFAIR+FHW China Joint news conference held in Guangzhou. The meeting revealed that Hosfair will join the South China Professional International Food Show FHW Guangzhou International Characteristics of Food and beverage exhibition, jointly in September 8 ~ 10th in Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall opened.

This time, Hosfair and FHW China Biennale merger, exhibition area of 70,000 square meters, display kitchen catering equipment and supplies, hotel furniture, room linen supplies, quality food and so on. Guangdong Province Import Food Association Qi Yi Long said that China's import food market in less than one years, the association has accumulated more than 3,000 overseas supplier resources and more than 100,000 importers of domestic data, while with a number of national trade promotion agencies and international professional Food exhibition to establish a cooperative relationship.