Flea Market Hot And Cold: Second-hand Computer Cold Hotel Supplies Hot

- May 22, 2017-

Reporter recently from the Wenzhou Garage swap market learned that second-hand computers, television sales cooling, hotel supplies gradually go hot, reflecting the changes in the consumer life.

In Wenzhou, Wenzhou Avenue in the city of the flea market, the reporter saw, second-hand computer, TV shop in front of the cold, few guests patronize, and this kind of storefront is also less than in previous years. "Six or seven years ago, one days can sell six or seven second-hand computers, television, now sometimes one day, only some customers to buy some computer accessories, business more and more difficult to do." Mr. Zheng sighed. It is understood that 5 years ago, the Wenzhou garage swap market has second-hand computers, television operators more than 80 households, now only more than 30 households.

The reason, the market leader Zhenglin analysis, in recent years, the emergence of smart phones, the equivalent of handheld small computer, to fast and convenient advantages of the public favored. Therefore, in addition to office space, home computers are gradually being snubbed. and TV new product quality good price and cheap, second-hand TV customer base also gradually narrowed.

In contrast, in the Wenzhou flea market, the hotel supplies more and more popular, the market share of its sales from the past One-fourth to the present about One-second. Into the market, "can jump Hotel supplies" shop, here not only have wine glasses, dishes, tablecloths, etc., as well as hotel professional clothing, dazzling. Shopkeeper Hunengyue Introduction, the shop only dishes and other porcelain has thousands of kinds, these hotel supplies or new or backlog of goods, because the price is cheaper than other shops around 20%, business is not bad. It is reported that at present, Wenzhou garage swap market has dishes, stool table, the overall kitchen utensils, etc., can provide hotel supplies one-stop supporting services.

Industry insiders believe that in recent years, Wenzhou people's food and beverage consumption tends to be rational, call friends to eat dinner most "only choose the right choice of expensive", which promotes the development of the characteristics of small hotels. such as Seafood house, local cuisine, private dishes and other characteristics of the restaurant is now open is very jubilant, some seafood building in the peak period even the hall is difficult to ask, but there are a group of restaurants to follow the trend, due to mismanagement and closed. Food and beverage industry to update quickly, the second-hand market hotel supplies supply and demand Shuang Wang.