The Hotel's Basic Amenities

- Aug 09, 2017-

The hotel's basic amenities determine the hospitality and condition of a hotel, and the standard and quantity standards of the hotel facilities determine the quality of the hotel. Regardless of the hotel's grade, its basic facilities should have the following aspects:

1. Reception Facilities

With the hotel size and standards to meet the reception conditions. Including reception hall, the main desk (including reception, inquiries Office, cashier), business center, valuables storage office, the Assistant Manager reception office.

2. Room reception Facilities

Room facilities, including single room, Standard room, deluxe suite and Presidential Suite, are suitable for the hotel's size and standard. Rooms should be equipped with the hotel star standard corresponding to the guest facilities, such as: Dresser (or desk), wardrobe, bed (soft mattress), chair, sofa, bedside control cabinets and other ancillary furniture; Each room has a separate toilet, the toilet is generally equipped with a seated toilet, washing table (equipped with wash basin, vanity mirror), hot and cold water facilities (including bathtub with nozzle, shower curtain); Each room has a split air-conditioning or central air conditioner that guarantees or adjusts the temperature. Every room is equipped with a telephone, Domestic or international long-distance calls can be linked directly or through the switchboard; Each room is equipped with a TV and audio equipment, and each room is equipped with a certain amount of cultural supplies, such as stationery, envelopes, postcards, city maps, sewing kits, hotel guides; Each room is also equipped with a certain number of hygiene items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair lotion or conditioner, bath cap, shoe-shine (paper), etc.

3. Catering reception Facilities

Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, dining room, café, bar, banquet hall and essential catering facilities, including tableware, cooker, furniture, kitchenware and various utensils, are suitable for the hotel's size and standard.

4. Entertainment service Facilities

The cabaret is suitable to the hotel size, as well as the necessary equipment and facilities, and its ancillary bar service equipment and facilities; bowling alley and equipment and facilities, billiard room and indoor billiard equipment and facilities, electronic room and its various electronic entertainment equipment and facilities, swimming pool and various ancillary and ancillary equipment facilities, fitness room and a variety of fitness equipment and equipment, sauna, massage room and a variety of ancillary facilities and so on.

5. Commodity Sales Service Facilities

Shopping malls and vending facilities and merchandise sold according to hotel business needs. 6, hotel management and security facilities

(1) Engineering security facilities: such as substation, distribution facilities, air-conditioning refrigeration facilities, standby power generation facilities, supply and drainage facilities, hot water supply facilities, laundry facilities and the necessary equipment.

(2) Safety and security facilities: such as intercom communication facilities, accident broadcast facilities, fire control facilities, fire monitoring facilities, all kinds of fire extinguishing equipment and so on.

(3) Internal operating security facilities: such as staff canteen, staff quarters, staff clubs, staff changing rooms, staff channels.