Purchasing of Hotel Supplies

- Aug 08, 2017-

With the increasingly fierce market competition, service-oriented, regional advantages, buyers resources, market size, brand impact and service level, and so on, who can provide customers in the market convenient, fast and most valuable procurement services will be welcomed.

Hotel Equipment Supplies Company in the development of the road, should further pay attention to the details to "exceed customer demand, achieve customer satisfaction," the service concept, comprehensive protection of customers can save time, worry, effort, save money to purchase the necessary hotel equipment supplies.

Fully collect and analyze market information

The market determines the price, before purchasing must fully collect and analyze market information.

Cost control

1. Quality control. No matter how, the quality of the purchased product should always be the first place, which is related to the reputation of a hotel. In particular, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol and other goods to pay attention to its hygiene and freshness. Management can be divided into three levels of responsibility, that is, the use of departments, procurement, finance department receiving department. On the quality, brand and sample version, the use of the Department has absolute discretion, if the quality is not up to the requirements, the use of the department can unconditionally require immediate replacement.

2. Quantity control. Blindly increase the quantity of goods purchased is undoubtedly a waste. The use department shall make a plan for the quantity of the order according to the actual demand. Can be divided into two levels of responsibility. Use Department and Finance Department.

3. Price control. Price and quality, payment methods, such as close contact, should be based on "quality first, price reasonable" principle of price control. Adopt three-level responsibility system, that is, use Department, purchasing department, finance department.


1, a solid financial. The best choice is to have a solid financial ability of the suppliers, because this is to maintain the quality of the hotel's goods, quantity and delivery period has a certain protection;

2, the unity of quality. The selected supplier must be able to supply the goods in accordance with the requirements of the hotel and maintain a consistent level of stability;

3. Good reputation. Credibility is an important prerequisite to ensure smooth cooperation between the two sides, the best choice in the industry has a good reputation of suppliers;

4. Area. If the quality or quantity can be acceptable, it is best to select local suppliers, thus saving transportation, and convenient contact, easy to check the implementation of the contract at any time;

5. Price. If all suppliers supply goods, quality, quantity and delivery time can meet the requirements of the hotel, the supplier to choose the lowest price, if the quality of the different conditions should be considered with the requisitioning department, negotiate the approved the most in line with the requirements of the hotel suppliers;

6. After-sales service. If the items purchased are to be repaired and maintained in the future, this is particularly important when selecting suppliers.

Negotiated bargaining

1, small amount of purchase;

2. The only source of supply;

3. The price stipulated by law;

4. Discount price list;

5. Tight market commodities.

Process mode

Changing procurement methods and channels can also effectively reduce procurement costs.