Hotel Supplies

- Aug 08, 2017-

Hotel supplies are the production and operation of the hotel in the process of the need for all kinds of utensils and items (including: Restaurant supplies, kitchen utensils, room bedding, lobby supplies, room disposable supplies, bar coffee supplies, cleaning supplies, cleaning agents, hotel staff uniforms, daily necessities, etc.).

Features of Hotel Supplies:

1. There are many types of industries involved;

2. Pay attention to modelling and appearance process, more fashionable, beautiful;

3. Easy to use, easy to adapt to a wide range (no professional operation), strong mobility;

4. No accessories to provide and repair services (a few kitchen equipment with maintenance services);

5. Most of these products are consumables and cannot be used as fixed assets;

6. It is generally not a small object fixed in a building.

Hotel supplies and hotel equipment are the two major hardware parts in the process of hotel production and operation. In the past, the hospitality service industry was a traditional artificial service industry, and more technology and skills were passed through apprenticeship. In the operation process, also use simple, convenient tools, equipment to assist. So more of the use of hotel supplies. With the development of economic society, machinery, electrical, electronics and other equipment gradually into the hotel production services process, so that the efficiency of a large increase in product quality is more stable. Hotel equipment is also gradually becoming a part of the hotel hardware that is juxtaposed with hotel supplies. Hotel Supplies-basic requirements for hotel rooms include beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, telephones, televisions, alarm clocks, and mini bar with all kinds of beverages, wines and snacks, all charged at checkout. The room is also equipped with electric water pot, water cup and coffee, tea bag, milk, sugar, etc. for guests to use. In addition to the very cheap hotel, the room is usually equipped with a private bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower facilities. For higher and more advanced hotels, Internet access is also available, which may require an additional charge.