Hotel Categories

- Aug 08, 2017-

① Business Hotel. It is mainly in the hospitality business activities of the guests, is for business activities. This type of guest has a higher location for the hotel and requires close proximity to the city or business center. Its passenger flow is generally not affected by the season to produce large changes. Commercial hotel facilities and equipment, service function is more perfect.

② Resort Hotel. It is mainly for the guests taking leave, more than in the seaside, Hot Springs, scenic area near. The season of its operation is stronger. Resort hotels require better entertainment facilities.

③ long stay hotel. Provide longer-term accommodation services for tenants. This kind of hotel rooms are more family-style structure, the main suites, the room is large for a family to use, the small has only one person to use a single room. It offers both general hotel services and general family services.

④ Conference Hotel. It is based on the reception of Conference visitors, in addition to accommodation and entertainment for the conference representatives to provide transfer station, conference materials printing, video camera, tourism and other services. It requires more perfect conference service facilities (conference room, simultaneous interpreting equipment, projector, etc.) and fully functional recreational facilities.

⑤ Sightseeing Hotel. Mainly for sightseeing tourists service, more construction in the tourist spots, operating characteristics not only to meet the needs of tourists, but also requires public service facilities, to meet the needs of tourists rest, entertainment, shopping, so that tourism life colorful, to get spiritual and material enjoyment.