Hospitality Management

- Aug 08, 2017-

Hotel management refers to the requirements of the objective economic law under the condition of a certain mode of production. According to certain principles, procedures and methods. Effective planning, organizing, directing, supervising and coordinating the hotel's human, material, financial and operational activities to ensure the smooth conduct of the hotel's business activities. To achieve the minimum cost of labor to achieve maximum economic benefits of the activity process.

Hotel Management is the manager in order to make the hotel achieve the established goal of management, in the reception service process to play the planning, organization, command, control, regulation and other management activities collectively. Hotel management is an important practice which includes managing and management of hotel management, which is to fulfill the function of management, to give full play to the role of management to ensure the economic and social benefits of the hotel double harvest.

Therefore, the hotel management is very important one is: the manager to the subordinates to be responsible for the part of the job well.

In hotel management, the past small and medium-sized hotels are mostly family-style business, because of small size, simple operation activities. Therefore, operators only rely on their own knowledge, experience, ability to organize management activities. There is no need for specialized management at all. So that the manager of three-bit mixed into one, that is, the hotel in business activities, management and business often combined together, so many people think that management is to manage. Management is business. In fact, operation and management is the hotel economic activities in the process of two indispensable aspects. It's two different functions. They are both interrelated and distinct.