Elements of Hotel Management

- Aug 08, 2017-

A purpose: The customer is God, repeat customers. 

Two attitude: Heart, smile.

Three let, three light: seat, make way, let the elevator (staircase), walk light, speak light, the movement is light. 

Four diligent: eye diligent, the oral service, the foot diligent, diligent.

Five NET: tooling net, personal net, cloth grass NET, service supplies NET, environment net. Six to: Guests, smiling, enthusiastic, welcome, honorific to, service to.

Six the same: foreign and internal guests a kind, stranger and regulars like, leisure and busy when a kind, check and do not check a kind, the leader is present and not present, the guest attitude of different services.   

Seven Voices: Welcome, greeting, honorific, thank you, apology, answer, farewell. 

Eight services: Standing service, smiling service, active service, honorific service, flexible service, family services, marketing services, tracking service.

Nine norms: Service to standardize, instrumentation to standardize, standing to standardize, squat posture to standardize, gestures to standardize, language to standardize, guide to standardize, hospitality to standardize, skills to standardize.

Ten initiative: Active welcome, greet the initiative, take the initiative to guide the guests, actively introduce the situation, the initiative for the Guest service, active marketing, take the initiative to care for the sick and infirm, unsolicited baggage, initiative to lift, actively solicit guests advice.