Basic features of Hotel products

- Aug 08, 2017-

(i) Intangible

Service is intangible, the quality of service measurement and no concrete scale, customer satisfaction with the product program is mainly from the feelings, and guests experience, subject to education procedures, values and other related, thus with greater personal subjectivity.

(ii) Immediacy or synchronization of production and consumption

The production of hotel products (providing services) is based on the immediate needs of customers and timing, timing, that is, the hotel's various services are synchronized with the consumption of guests, usually the side of the service side of consumption, and other services at the end of the end of consumption.

(iii) Non-storage

The hotel's facilities, space, environment can not be stored, can not be transported, in a certain period of time can not be sold out of the room, dishes, and so on, its value at any time in the light and disappear. If the guest room is vacant, its value in the evening does not exist.

(iv) Variability of product quality

Product quality is affected by man-made factors, it is difficult to maintain consistent. On the one hand, because the object of service is people, they have different interests, hobbies, customs, habits, but also have different motives and needs, on the other hand, the service is also the person, its service is provided by knowledge, personality, emotion and so on. These effects have a great variability in product quality.

(v) Seasonal

The sales of the hotel products are influenced by the seasons, and the tourism in one area has a seasonal change. Seasonal changes directly affect people's tourism activities, but also affect the sales of hotel products.

(vi) The impact of the hotel's social image on hotel customers

As the hotel products have different characteristics from other products, so the hotel's customers in the choice of hotels, more to the hotel's social image and credibility of the consideration and comparison, especially the choice of hotel software is very concerned about.

The above characteristics of hotel products require staff with high service skills, enthusiastic service attitude, to continuously improve service quality and cultivate loyal customers.